MerkleTree Airdrop

This new dApp allows user to create Airdrop based on merkle-tree algorithm. It provides the way to store any amount of addresses that will receive tokens just in one hash-string. It makes deployment of such smart-contract much cheaper. You can start your own MerkleTree Airdrop Dapp by specifying parameters: The address of the token that will be issued to users Whitelist as a link to the google sheet, where the column A contains the addresses, and the column B the number of tokens for each address, or the .txt file in the format
How it works: The one creates dApp, using whitelist of token receivers in google sheet or .txt file in format [address][space][amount], specifing token address that will be distributed. Other users, one dApp is deployed, can access it's interface and check whether theirs address is in the whitelist. If yes, there will be one simple button to receive tokens. Smart-contract is supposed to be filled with amount of tokens enough to pay all the users listed. If balance goes less than that, airdrop will be paused.