ICO Token

Create your own ICO token based on ERC20 standard. It's an extended version of the Custom Token dApp.

You can start your own ICO by specifying parameters:

  1. Initial supply - number of tokens that will be issued immediately, before the token sale starts.
  2. Token fund deposit - an Ethereum address that get initial token supply.
  3. ETH deposit - an Ethereum address that will get Ether after ICO successfully finish.
  4. Token exchange rate - how many tokens a customer can buy for 1 ETH.
  5. Token creation cap - the maximum number of tokens for issue.
  6. Token creation min - the number of tokens that must be issued before the ICO ends.
  7. Start funding block - the Ethereum block number after which ICO starts.
  8. End funding block - the Ethereum block number after which ICO stops.

The dApp interface consists the functionality for the token sale operations:

  1. Buying tokens.
  2. Watching the ICO progress.
  3. Refund (if ICO failed - the Token cration min was not reached before the End funding block).
  4. Withdrawing ETH (for ICO organizer if ICO successfully finished).

And the functionality for the standard token operations:

  1. Transfering: each token holder can transfer a specified number of his/her tokens to another Ethereum address.
  2. Checking the token balance of any Ethereum address.
  3. Approving: each token holder can allow another person or smart contract to use a specified value of his/her tokens. Also token holder can check and change his/her current token allowance.
  4. Transferring from another address: if someone allowed you to transfer his/her tokens you can also do it by using dApp interface.